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What’s in a Story? Emotion. Inspiration. Connection.

Laura with author, Sheila Applegate

Laura (right) with author Sheila Applegate

As a culture, we are simultaneously more connected & disconnected from one another than ever before. With the help of technology, we have complete and instant access to the stories and latest developments in others’ lives.

How can we channel this accessibility and these stories into meaningful connections, bonds, and relationships? How can we foster a sense of connection? How can we write and live our own story more purposefully?

Laura has worked with celebrity authors, national speakers, and business owners to help them propel to the next level. Through creative events, innovative marketing, collaborative partnerships and out-of-the-box thinking, Laura’s own brand has resulted in a national market reach.

Laura’s List: Books for Women is dedicated to building strong connections through the power of story. It is a movement and platform designed to empower individuals, encourage them to share their stories, live their dreams, and to spread wisdom. Under the inspired guidance of Laura Ponticello, stories are heard, shared, and will touch lives everywhere.

Do you have a story to share? Looking for inspiration to uncover your own? Contact Laura today. Join our community and reveal the power in your story.